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2023 Royal Mint King Charles Coronation Silver Proof 1oz New SOLD OUT AT MINT

2023 Royal Mint King Charles Coronation Silver Proof 1oz New SOLD OUT AT MINT
2023 Royal Mint King Charles Coronation Silver Proof 1oz New SOLD OUT AT MINT

2023 Royal Mint King Charles Coronation Silver Proof 1oz New SOLD OUT AT MINT

2023 King Charles III Coronation One Ounce Silver Proof Coin. Silver proof one ounce Charles III coronation coin in proof condition, issued in the original Royal Mint presentation box with certificate of authenticity. 1oz Silver Proof 2023 Charles III Coronation Coin. Obverse: Martin Jennings' portrait of King Charles III, facing left and wearing the Tudor Crown. Lettering reads:'CHARLES III · D · G · REX F · D · 2 POUNDS · 2023 ·'.

Reverse: Crowned shield of the Royal Arms surrounded by laurel branches, by John Bergdahl. Lettering reads:'· THE CORONATION OF KING CHARLES III 6 MAY 2023 ·'. Specification: Proof coin, struck in 31.21 grams of.

Presentation: Issued in its original limited edition presentation packaging from The Royal Mint, including certificate. One of 17,500 offered in this presentation. Rounding out the 2023 Royal Mint Coronation collection is an extensive range of precious metal ounce and kilo coins, designed for serious collectors and only available in very limited numbers. Coronation coins all feature a special crowned royal portrait by Martin Jennings and a distinct new commemorative design by the renowned John Bergdahl.

Among Bergdahl's most recent designs is the equestrian portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Used on the 2022 Platinum Jubilee coins. Bergdahl's coronation coin show a crowned and garnished shield of royal arms with a stylised garter around, bearing the motion of the Order of the Garter. King Charles III's royal cypher is shown to the left and three intertwined letter'C's to the right. Close examination reveals national flowers amid the flourishes.

The artist revealed that he looked to history to create this 2023 design. As is the case with many of the coins that I have designed for royal occasions, I looked to the past for my inspiration.

In this instance, I looked at the style of decoration prevalent during the reign of Charles I. Out of all the Charles coronation coins, the ounce and kilo editions featuring John Bergdahl's engraving are the most voluminous. Six gold coins and four silver coins have been commissioned, making ten in total. 2023 Coronation 1oz Silver Proof. 2023 Coronation 2oz Silver Proof. 2023 Coronation 5oz Silver Proof. 2023 Coronation 1kg Silver Proof.

2023 Coronation 1/40oz Gold Proof. 2023 Coronation 1/4oz Gold Proof. 2023 Coronation 1oz Gold Proof. 2023 Coronation 2oz Gold Proof. 2023 Coronation 5oz Gold Proof.

2023 Coronation 1kg Gold Proof. The legend on the reverse of the troy ounce / kilogram coin range reads'· THE CORONATION OF KING CHARLES III 6 MAY 2023 ·', with the inner legend on the royal coat of arms reading'HONI · SOIT · QUI · MAL · Y · PENSE'. On the obverse, the legend reads'CHARLES III · D · G · REX F · D ·', with the year date and monetary denomination following.

Will be crowned at Westminster Abbey on 6 May 2023. His Majesty became King of the United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth realms following the passing of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Charles' coronation will be the first such royal ceremony held in roughly three generations.

To celebrate this momentous national occasion the UK's national mint has announced the release of an expansive range of official commemorative coins, featuring commissioned designs by a trio of talented engravers. The 2023 Charles III Coronation range from The Royal Mint. There's even a special gold Sovereign.

Due to be struck on the day of His Majesty's coronation. Perhaps most excitingly, coins in the range will feature a new portrait of The King, specially created for this occasion. This is not the first time that a British coronation has been celebrated with new coinage but it is undoubtedly the most extensive collection ever produced with options for a wide range of UK coin collectors. Crowned Coronation Portrait Of Charles III.

The first definitive coin portrait. Of King Charles was unveiled in late 2022 to much fanfare. The artist behind this important design is British sculptor Martin Jennings. Better known for his large sculptures of UK literary figures. Commissioned before Charles ascended to the throne, the effigy shows The King looking left and has already been seen on coins in the 2022 Queen Elizabeth II Memorial range. As well as other commemorative and circulating coins. Though Jennings new portrait has only been in use for a few months we already have a new design to admire. Coins in the 2023 Charles III Coronation range will feature a brand new crowned portrait, personally approved by His Majesty. This design shows Charles wearing the so-called Tudor Crown.

The real Tudor Crown was destroyed in the seventeenth century but a stylised representation is still used in heraldry, including as part of The King's royal cypher. However, there are some international coins showing Charles III's ancestors wearing a royal crown, including his grandfather, King George VI. That's the same time as The Royal Mint will release their stock.

Our 2023 Royal Mint Coronation coins are brand new and come in their original presentation packaging with their numbered certificates of authenticity enclosed. All our new coins are quality checked before they leave our shop in Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire.

2023 Charles Coronation Coin Collection. Each edition features a different design by an esteemed Royal Mint artist, with the full list of other coins as below. 2023 BU Sovereign SOTD Coronation. 2023 Coronation 50p Ordinary Circulation.

2023 Coronation 50p Brilliant Uncirculated. 2023 Coronation 50p Silver Proof. 2023 Coronation 50p Silver Proof Piedfort. 2023 Coronation 50p Gold Proof. The Britannia Coin Company of Royal Wootton Bassett is part of Gold Traders UK Ltd.

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2023 Royal Mint King Charles Coronation Silver Proof 1oz New SOLD OUT AT MINT